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La Roca De San Diego is a project of villas located just 5 km from Sotogrande, Costa del Sol. The Costa del Sol is a stunning region in the south of Spain with a wonderful climate and over 300 days of sunshine a year. 

A paradise for those who enjoy days at the beach, walks in the mountains and sports such as polo and golf. There is also a lovely port in Sotogrande with picturesque views to the coast and Africa.

The villas are positioned on the slope of the mountain with a view to the Mediterranean Sea, Africa, and Gibraltar. They are intuitive by design to ensure your home feels natural to live in.

 We wait for you at Roca de San Diego.

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A concept of life: beautiful detail and harmony with nature

Modern technology and design in combination with sustainability and integrity with the surrounding area create the experience of a lifetime. Each villa is designed to be an integral part of its environment by using natural materials such as travertine and local stone. The laser cut aluminium sheet construction provides refreshing shade on overly sunny days. 

Solar panels for electricity and water heating on the rooftop help to ensure your home has access to sustainable energy, additionally the garage has a charging point for an electric car. Villas can also be purchased inclusive of a fully electric BMW. 

PLOT area

1.000 m²

BUILT area

435,9 m²






All our villa gardens are thoughtfully landscaped with local plants and flowers which bloom in different seasons, meaning your home will be surrounded by natural beauty all year long. 

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